5 Powerful Ways To A/B Test Anything – From Conversion Rate to Sales Funnels


A/B testing is a technique used by businesses to determine which version of a webpage or digital experience produces higher user engagement and conversion rates. In other words, it allows marketers and business owners to test different versions of their website, landing pages, videos, Facebook ads, and more to find the perfect combination for increases in sales and users. For example, one A/B test might show that increasing the number of images on a landing page leads users to spend 6 seconds longer on it. This means that the second version of that landing page is more engaging and converts more visitors into buyers.

What is A/B testing?

A/B testing is a technique that allows marketers to test different versions of their website, landing pages, videos, or Facebook ads in order to find the perfect combination for increased conversions. A/B testing is a method of comparing two versions of an online experience, where one version is the control and the other is what’s being tested. There are many ways you can A/B test your site, such as by changing things like color scheme or headline copy. If you have multiple tests running at any given time, they’re typically called multivariate tests and they’re considered something of a special type of A/B test.

How to A/B test anything

A/B testing is easy to do. All you need is a website with the ability to create different versions of your website, and then you can test each version against the other. You can run A/B tests on landing pages and create variations of them, too. There are many tools that help make this process easier, such as Google Optimize, which lets marketers track conversions and see the performance of different versions of their landing pages or websites in real time. If you want to A/B test Facebook ads, you’ll use Facebook’s advertising platform to create different ad variations and compare the results.

5 Powerful ways to A/B Test Anything

1. A/B Test Your Conversion Rate When it comes to a/b testing, the key is to test only one version of your page at a time. You should be able to see the effects of any changes you make in a matter of days. The best way to do this is by tracking conversions and user engagement in your analytics software, like Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics. If your conversion rate increases, you know that your site is performing better than before, and you can confidently move forward with the next iteration of your landing page. 2. A/B Test Your Landing Page – With Images The idea behind A/B testing landing pages is that different images appeal to different demographics. For example, when choosing an image for a landing page, make sure to keep in mind that people under age 45 prefer social images more than older generations do. However, because older users are more likely to convert on websites with multiple images on their ad campaigns, it’s important not to overuse this technique at first if you’re targeting one demographic specifically. In order to find the perfect balance between images and text on landing pages, try using this simple formula: Image-Text Ratio = (Number of Text Elements) / (Number of Images) * 100% So for our earlier example, we would use this equation: (14) / (10) * 100% = 86% 3. A/B Test Your Facebook Ads – With Images When

Dig Deeper With Good Results

You’ll have to do your research and make sure that you’re testing things correctly before continuing. The simplest way to A/B test is to create a landing page with two different versions of the same content (i.e., an email campaign). You can then send the first email on one version and the second on the other, and see which one performs better over time. If your landing page is an ecommerce store, you can create two different pages for new products and compare their performance. Another easy way of A/B testing is by setting up a conversion funnel for digital marketing campaigns. For example, if your goal is increasing sales from customers visiting a particular website, you can set up a conversion funnel where visitors are added to a drip campaign that leads them down through your sales funnel. The important thing here is to not only measure visitor behavior but also what happens within the lead’s journey on your site or digital platform before converting them into customers or leads.


A/B testing is a great way to improve conversion rates, increase your sales funnel and test out new ideas. The problem is that many people get in over their head, unsure of what to test or how to do it correctly. In this article, I’ve outlined five ways to A/B test anything from your landing pages to your sales funnels. I’ve included good charts and examples of what works and doesn’t work. Hopefully, this will help you get started with A/B testing and give you the confidence to test out new ideas.

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