Advertisers need a system where they can plan, measure and execute a marketing campaign with little guesswork involved

we improve conversions and grow brand awareness

Marketing is a process of strategically and creatively anticipating customer needs and adapting your business to meet those needs. If we can detect what your customers require, we can adapt your business to match that.

Our 6-step marketing process will allow us to do research on the target audience, find ways to reach them, advertise your product or service, get feedback from them about their experience with you, make changes to your campaign based on this feedback and then repeat these steps until you are satisfied with the results.

Our 6-Step Process To Grow Businesses

1. Account Audit

We complete a full audit of your funnel, ad account, and website to expose potential bottlenecks.

2. Competitor Analysis

We'll do a deep dive into your competitors and what ads they are having success with.

3. Customer Definition

We need to understand WHO your buyer persona is on a very deep level to sell to them.

4. Build System

We analyze what other platform combinations would get you the best ROAS.

5. Rapid Fire Testing

We create different versions of your ads and track how well they are performing.

6. Scale Exponentially

We work with you to increase your average order value and customer lifetime value.

We Eliminate The Risk And Guarantee Results

As a Business Owner, you take enough risks already…

This is why it’s unfair to ask you to take another risk or leap of faith and quote you a big retainer fee with NO guarantees.

Our mission is to become a trusted results-driven marketing agency and to get rid of the bad reputation agencies have left founders with. So we’ve removed the risk entirely for you.

Ice cold stranger to brand enthusiast

We turn our clients into industry leaders. Every industry has that one leader that is routinely stealing the market share, month after month increasing profits and attacking your margins.

We’ve seen clients dominate their competitors simply because they can acquire a sale for cheaper (consequently, more profitable) than anyone else in their industry.

As a byproduct, once we ramp up the monthly ad spend we put our clients in pole position and eventually they become the industry leader to who everyone in their market naturally gravitates.

Thus, increasing market share and consequently organic marketing via word of mouth, etc. When you can confidently generate a CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) / CPP (Cost Per Purchase) for a price that makes sense to your specific margins and you couple that with a scaling strategy that actually converts, you too can become your industry leader.

We only run ads that get potential customers eccentric about your product/service and offers. It’s about striking a nerve within your ideal customer and make them smile because we’ve spoken so deeply about their current situation.

This is the secret to generating multiple hundreds of thousands per month for our clients after ad cost. It’s key not to get so hung up on the technicalities of advertising, many agencies forget about the actual concepts that make people buy.


60 Min Consultation
147 One-Time Fee
  • Digital Assets Assessment
  • Online Presence Review
  • Bespoke Advice
  • Optimization Suggestions
  • Recommended Tools
  • Latest Marketing Insights
  • Best Practices
  • 30' Follow-Up Session


90 Min Consultation
197 One-Time Fee
  • Digital Assets Assessment
  • Online Presence Review
  • Bespoke Advice
  • Optimization Suggestions
  • Recommended Tools
  • Latest Marketing Insights
  • Best Practices
  • 30' Follow-Up Session


120 Min Consultation
247 One-Time Fee
  • Digital Assets Assessment
  • Online Presence Review
  • Bespoke Advice
  • Optimization Suggestions
  • Recommended Tools
  • Latest Marketing Insights
  • Best Practices
  • 30' Follow-Up Session

Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the high-risk nature of this program, we only take on a limited number of clients per month, and screen to ensure maximum success. You must cover your own ad spend. Set up fee may apply if there is no funnel in place, a new pixel, or low ad spend.

Definitely yes. Whilst we work to a proven formula, we develop a unique strategy for each of our clients, totally tailored to their needs. We’ll constantly review this strategy, and will amend where needed to ensure we stay on track to meet your agreed key performance indicators (KPIs) and business goals.

This is why it’s so important to us to get to know you & your business before you come onboard as a client.

We adapt our strategy to your existing ecosystem and current campaigns. We also respect international and local legislation in your industry and comply with GDPR and other data protection rules.

In addition to our monthly fee, you will also need to factor in advertising spend and your marketing CRM subscription.

These costs will vary according to your needs and goals. However, we will provide recommended budgets for both as part of our full proposal.

We know that committing to an agency can be daunting, especially if you’re unsure about the results they can bring to the table.

That’s why we’ve created our 12 Month Guarantee.

Basically, as part of our formal proposal we will set some KPIs regarding your social following, email list growth, website traffic and subsequent sales (please note that we will need access to your sales information in order to use these KPIs).

We will then work to achieve those KPIs within 12 months.

If at the end of 12 months we haven’t achieved them, then we’ll work for free until we do. That means that you can have the confidence of using Keenfunnel to accelerate your growth, without worrying about whether you’ll get a return on your investment.

During the session you can ask any further questions you may have and cement your knowledge. 

We will help you to master our 4 pillars for a great digital strategy – defining your niche, getting to know your customer, narrowing your targeting and nailing your message. Once these 4 elements are in place, they will be used to form a clear timeline of actions and tasks moving forward.

No, this is a one-off service, and you are under no obligation to use Keen Funnel to fulfil your strategy moving forwards.

However, we do recommend all new clients complete a strategy session before embarking on a longer-term service with us, for a couple of reasons. 

Firstly, it gives you an insight as to how we work as an agency, which will help you to decide if we’d be a good fit. It’s important for us that we form a close relationship with our clients, so we consider a Strategy Session to be like a ‘first date’ before we embark on a longer, more serious relationship.

Secondly, our team will use all the information gathered as part of the session to create your sales funnel and ongoing content moving forwards, and we will also use the session to define your 12 months goals and the subsequent KPIs our team work to on a monthly basis. Therefore a Strategy Session will become an essential part of your marketing plan moving forwards.

Clarity. And a defined plan of action.

If you feel like you’re a bit lost with your digital marketing, you don’t know where to start, or you just simply think there’s room for improvement, this is the right option for you.

Our Strategy Session is a one-off cost. You can choose between three different featured plans.

This includes research by our team prior to the day and a follow-up report summarizing your strategy and the next steps required. 

Immediately. From the brief to the launch of the campaign initiative, it usually takes 7-10 days.

The designated teams will vary based on the nature of your project. However, a typical client team would consist of one account director, 1-2 account managers, and 1-2 account executives. The number of vertical specialists depends on the project requirements.

We work as a long-term digital marketing partner, covering digital marketing strategy and execution while delivering tangible business results.

It can be achieved profitably in 3 months or less…

Most businesses don’t know how crucial it is to leverage other paid traffic channels, which is exactly what we do with our omnipresent systems.

Instead of desperately trying to scale your Facebook ads without ROAS crashing below your break-even (ouch!)… Leverage Google/Youtube, Bing, and Email Marketing!

The days of depending on one platform for the gross of your sales are over. This is why we take an eagle eye’s view on your business and zoom in on key issues like a true partner.

It’s no secret that you lose over 40% of your warm traffic if you don’t do retargeting on Google. People jump on Google after seeing your ad on Facebook, giving you the opportunity to stay consistent with brand campaigns.

Targeting your brand name as a keyword allows you to better test your messaging in terms of CTR (Click Through Rate) and conversions, and match it to what you’re saying about your business in your Facebook ads.

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