Legally Ranked Up


The Challenge

In the highly competitive legal industry, Sidley Austin LLP, a renowned global law firm, encountered a significant hurdle in their quest to improve their online visibility and search engine rankings. Despite possessing extensive expertise and a strong reputation, their digital presence failed to mirror their position as market leaders. Their website struggled to rank for important keywords, and their content lacked the ability to captivate and resonate with their desired audience, including esteemed corporate clients and industry professionals. The task at hand was to elevate Sidley Austin LLP’s search engine positioning without compromising the professional integrity and sophistication expected by their discerning clientele.

The Solution

At Keenfunnel, we have developed a comprehensive SEO strategy specifically tailored to meet the unique demands of the legal sector. By utilizing MarketMuse, we have conducted an in-depth content analysis to identify areas for improvement and opportunities to establish authority on relevant topics. We have optimized existing content and created new, high-quality articles that directly address the specific needs and questions of Sidley Austin LLP’s clientele. With the help of ContextMinds, we have mapped out a content strategy that covers a wide range of relevant topics and establishes clear internal linking structures to effectively distribute page authority throughout the site. In addition, we have enhanced the technical aspects of SEO to ensure that the website’s architecture supports seamless user experiences and effective search engine crawling.

The Results

After implementing our SEO strategy, Sidley Austin LLP experienced a remarkable improvement in their online performance metrics. Organic search traffic surged by 24%, and the site saw a 35% increase in new users. Additionally, the bounce rate dropped by 32%, signaling a stronger connection with the content. The firm’s visibility for strategic keywords also saw a boost, with 18 keywords ranking in the top 3 search results and an additional 47 in the top 10. These metrics demonstrate the heightened authority and relevance of Sidley Austin LLP’s website in the legal industry, resulting in amplified digital engagement and potential client inquiries.