It is possible for your competitors to use fake reviews to hurt your business. Would these businesses succeed if they did not manage their online reputations...

One Click A.I. Powered SoftwareAutomates Complete Brand & Online Reputation Management For Local Businesses

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Start protecting your online reputation

Use LocalCentric to easily engage with consumers thoroughly, to obtain a competitive advantage, and to prevent crises.

Actively monitor mentions of your business on websites and social media and respond to any negative or misleading remarks, totally hands-free.

World’s #1 A.I. Powered Online Reputation Management App

we have developed a digital solution that can help SMEs

Today – there are many places on the Internet that reflect a company’s online reputation just like the review pages. The Internet can be fickle, and a business’s reputation can plummet overnight, quite fast as a dissatisfied customer strikes the “submit” button on a review site.

Online Reputation Management mitigates the effects brands experience against the storm of public opinion. Unfortunately, most businesses lack an awareness of the risks of a compromised online identity and the degree to which online reputation predicts their success or failure.

Automated Review Campaigns

Set various feedback to customers' reviews based on their rating for a specific period of time.

Video review campaigns

By simply scanning the QR code users can record a video review and submit and share it on social media.

Review Management

Use this software to effortlessly manage reviews across all your locations, being automatically retrieved daily.

Dashboard View

Access insights from Google My Business for all your locations in a single dashboard with powerful grouping and filtering.

Direct Responses

Respond to reviews with personalized messages or leverage saved replies to provide a consistent approach.

Performance Insights

Secure an understanding of exactly what your customers are doing in Google before they reach your web properties.


Need to distribute yesterday’s negative review scores to 200 managers? Set workflows to socialize reputation control.

Reporting Suite

Save, share, distribute, download, and schedule reports across all data sets and locations.

Historic Data

Access up to 2 years of customer reviews for every location and up 18 months of Local Search Insights.

Customer Support Integrations

Build integrations from this software to your existing customer support and Social Media platforms.

Email autoresponder integration

Capture leads of reviewers and add them to your email autoresponder so you can market to them over and over again.

Built for Scale

Enterprise-class user rights management to support companies with tens of thousands of locations across the globe.

Consumers read an average of 7 reviews before trusting a business

Having +200 reviews

Allow businesses to generate twice as much revenue

21% customers

More likely to leave a review after a negative experience

67% of local businesses

maintain a four-star review or higher

26.380 reviews

Posted by Yelp users per minute

91% of consumers

Look up businesses online

80% of the consumers

Got advice to buy products via social media

85% of consumers

Trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations

An average of 7 reviews

Are read by customers before trusting a business

92% of consumers

Read online reviews to learn about a business

80% of consumers

Say they changed their mind about a purchase because of online reviews

69% of consumers

Won’t buy from a business if they 1-3 bad reviews

3 out of 4 consumers

Trust a company more if it has positive reviews

Easy Controlling Feedback

Whether you like it or not, if your business is online, your reputation is also there

With more than 90% of consumers now looking at online reviews before they buy from a company, you have the potential to gain, or lose that 90% based on what your consumers can find or cannot find. Anyone looking to run a successful online business needs to take their online reputation back into their own hands. As a business owner (in any niche) you need to create an active online standing to help boost your brand’s legitimacy and credibility. LocalCentric allows local SMEs to monitor and respond to reviews, improving their online reputation.

Don’t Let This Opportunity Slip Away…

Get the complete control over your brand image with real-time and extensive assessment of your brand’s online perception


Futuristic Technology

Our proprietary software uses A.I. to monitor & reply to online reviews totally hands-free. Nothing like this exists in this market available at such a low one-time price.


Training Videos

Access a broad array of videos to ensure that you take full benefit of this smart tech by making the most of the incredible resources available to you.


Fully Cloud Based App

It can be accessed from any location and on any device at any time. Your software automatically updates to ensure you have access to the latest technologies.

Brand Online Reputation Management Software


Create Trust

Potential customers need “social proof” before making a purchasing decision. In fact, 88% of consumers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations. Showcasing this feedback can increase conversion rates by 270%. This sales bump can happen because customers will trust online reviews as much as their friends and family. They will base their buying decisions depending on what others have said.


Increase Revenue

Almost every shopper in the world will want to see past customer feedback before buying a product or service. This means that the more positive reviews you have, the more likely consumers will shop with you, generating more sales. In fact, the more feedback you have, and the higher your star rating is, the more business you’re likely to get.


Improve Visibility

If the content found in search results is positive, it will generate more click-throughs and lower bounce rates. One way to achieve this is by “owning” or controlling the results that appear on a SERP. If you think about it, the more results you have control over, the less likely users will find any negative content about you. By managing this flow of information, you’ll create a solid first impression and maintain a positive online reputation.


Help Your Business Scalability

Online reviews help you generate more sales and become more credible as a business. Not only that, but they can also help you grow. This type of feedback provides valuable insight into what your customers really think about you. If the review is positive, great, you know you’ve done a good job. However, if the review is negative, it may affect your reputation, but only if you don’t act upon it.


Complete Review Management

Connect Google My Business (GMB), Facebook, Yelp, TrustPilot, Capterra, Amadeus, Foursquare, etc. Easily monitor and respond to reviews in real-time, improve local search engine rankings, track performance, enhance your reputation, and drive additional sales.


Account Control

Less than 10% of businesses take full advantage of all GMB tools to improve search discovery and achieve higher map rankings.

Quickly visualize GMB and Facebook status details by location

Assign Friendly Names and entity tags to organize large accounts

Bulk add/edit/delete any location detail in a single upload

Bulk upload Google Questions & Answers to populate a location FAQ

Unique “Spreadsheet UI” for control within and across accounts


Bulk Upload & Post Schedule

Talk directly to clients in the search results via Google and Facebook Posts. Share updates, offers, events, etc. to inform and engage customers — driving website visits, phone calls, and walk-in traffic.

Bulk upload thousands of posts in a single file

Filter posts by media, by topic, and by call-to-action


Monitoring of competitor reviews

Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors in a full reporting suite, daily updated

Access ratings, comments, and brand responses for up to 10 competitors for each of your locations.

Compare comment trends for products and services, track trending topics, and evaluate custom categories.

Compare performance across brands, regions, cities, or down to the individual location

Track reviews from Google, Yelp, Facebook, etc.

Visualize performance comparisons (dashboard, wave quadrants, and review breakdown)


Deep Performance Insights

A beautiful dashboard and powerful grouping and filtering allow you to analyze your data in ways never before possible. View insights for searches, maps, driving directions, phone calls, website visits, brand vs. indirect queries, and photo counts & engagement by country, state/region, city/location, etc.


Powerful Collaboration

Enterprise-grade access control allows you to scale your local optimization efforts to the entire organization.

Create roles for pinpoint visibility and control

Limit access by locations or groups of locations to better distribute management of multiple locations

Give each person on the team access to the sections that matter to them

Real-time, daily, weekly, and monthly reporting to key stakeholders


Plus, if for any reason you don’t get triple the results or simply don’t want to use LocalCentric anymore in the next 14 days, just let our rapid response support team know and we’ll issue you a prompt refund. The support desk is standing by to issue you a refund if you decide to exercise your risk-free 14-day money-back guarantee.

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