Precision Gem Targeting


The Challenge

In the competitive fine jewelry industry, Mejuri faced the challenge of optimizing their ad campaigns to reach a highly targeted audience interested in everyday luxury pieces. With a vast array of products and collections, including personalized items and seasonal gifts, Mejuri needed to ensure that their marketing efforts were not only reaching the right people but also converting interest into sales. The digital space was crowded, and Mejuri’s campaigns were at risk of being lost in the noise, leading to wasted ad spend and missed opportunities. Additionally, the threat of ad fraud loomed, potentially skewing data and draining resources.

The Solution

We, at Keenfunnel, devised a multi-faceted approach to refine Mejuri’s ad campaigns. Utilizing Scalify, we created and tested multiple ad sets, leveraging its AI-driven predictive analytics to identify the best-performing creative and audience segments. We honed in on lookalike audiences that mirrored Mejuri’s existing customer base, ensuring that our ads were displayed to those with similar interests and buying behaviors. To further enhance campaign performance, we implemented Fraud Blocker to eliminate invalid traffic and prevent ad fraud. This safeguarded Mejuri’s budget by ensuring that every dollar was spent on genuine engagement. We also capitalized on Scalify’s retargeting capabilities to re-engage visitors who showed interest but did not initially purchase, using dynamic ads that showcased products they viewed or added to their cart.

The Results

Our strategic campaign overhaul led to a significant uplift in Mejuri’s ad campaign performance. We achieved a 27% increase in click-through rate (CTR), which indicated higher ad relevance and engagement. The conversion rate saw an impressive 17% rise, reflecting more effective targeting and retargeting strategies. Additionally, the average order value (AOV) grew by 16%, suggesting that customers were not only more inclined to purchase but also to spend more. By integrating Fraud Blocker, we reduced fraudulent clicks by 39%, allowing for more accurate performance analysis and budget allocation. Over the course of six months, Mejuri’s return on ad spend (ROAS) improved by 19%, validating our approach to ad campaign optimization in the fine jewelry industry.