Punctual Attribution


The Challenge

In the competitive luxury watch industry, our client, TUDOR Watch, faced the challenge of gaining detailed insights into their website’s user interactions. With a rich heritage and a diverse collection of timepieces, TUDOR Watch needed to understand customer behavior on their official website to optimize the user journey and increase conversions. The existing analytics setup was insufficient, providing only surface-level data that lacked the depth required for strategic decision-making. Our goal was to implement a robust tagging system that could track micro-interactions and uncover new traffic sources, ultimately leading to a more personalized user experience and improved marketing effectiveness.

The Solution

Keenfunnel approached this challenge by deploying Google Tag Manager (GTM) alongside Hockeystack to create a comprehensive tagging strategy. We meticulously tagged key website elements, such as the “New Watches 2024” section, various watch family collections, and partnership announcements. This allowed us to capture data on specific user actions, like clicks on new collection reveals or interactions with partnership content. By integrating Hockeystack, we were able to attribute user actions to individual customer journeys, providing TUDOR Watch with actionable insights into their audience’s preferences and behaviors. We also set up advanced triggers in GTM to monitor new traffic sources, enabling TUDOR Watch to identify and capitalize on emerging trends in the luxury watch market.

The Results

Our strategic tagging overhaul resulted in the tracking of 67 new events, including interactions with the latest watch collections and engagement with partnership-related content. Additionally, we identified 8 new traffic sources, which provided TUDOR Watch with valuable information on untapped audience segments. This data-driven approach empowered TUDOR Watch to refine their marketing strategies, tailor their messaging, and enhance the overall customer experience on their website.