Realty Reach Revolution


The Challenge

In the competitive real estate industry, our client, Redfin, faced the challenge of maximizing the impact of their advertising campaigns while ensuring efficient budget allocation. The real estate market is inundated with numerous listings and agents vying for the attention of potential buyers and sellers. Redfin needed to stand out and drive meaningful engagement without overspending or falling victim to ad fraud, which is rampant in digital advertising. They required a solution that not only optimized ad spend but also safeguarded their campaigns against invalid traffic that could skew analytics and drain their budget.

The Solution

We at Keenfunnel devised a two-pronged approach to tackle Redfin’s advertising challenges. First, we implemented Adline, an advanced advertising analytics and optimization tool. Adline’s AI-driven algorithms analyzed Redfin’s campaign data in real-time, identifying high-performing ad sets and reallocating budgets to maximize ROI. We focused on targeting and retargeting strategies that engaged users at various stages of the real estate search process, from initial interest to decision-making.

Simultaneously, we integrated Fraud Blocker, a sophisticated ad fraud prevention service, to protect Redfin’s campaigns. Fraud Blocker’s real-time monitoring and blocking capabilities ensured that Redfin’s ads reached genuine users, reducing wasted ad spend on bots and fraudulent activities. By filtering out invalid traffic, we improved the accuracy of campaign data, which further refined our optimization strategies with Adline.

The Results

Our strategic use of Adline and Fraud Blocker for Redfin’s ad campaigns led to a significant improvement in performance metrics. We achieved a 23% increase in click-through rates (CTR), which indicated higher ad relevance and user engagement. The conversion rate saw an uplift of 17%, reflecting more effective targeting and a better user journey from ad to action. Additionally, the cost per acquisition (CPA) decreased by 14%, demonstrating a more efficient use of the advertising budget. Most notably, we reduced fraudulent traffic by 21%, ensuring that ad spend was utilized for reaching genuine prospects. These results were accomplished over a period of six months, marking a successful campaign optimization for Redfin in the real estate industry.