Shaved Tracking


The Challenge

In the competitive grooming and personal care industry, MANSCAPED©️ faced the intricate challenge of understanding and enhancing their website’s user interaction. With a diverse product range including high-end grooming kits and hygiene plans, it was crucial for us at Keenfunnel to provide MANSCAPED©️ with a detailed insight into customer behavior. The primary obstacle was the lack of granular tracking that could reveal the effectiveness of specific content elements and user pathways on their official US website. Without this, MANSCAPED©️ was missing out on opportunities to optimize their marketing strategies and improve the user experience.

The Solution

To address this, we implemented Google Tag Manager (GTM) to streamline the process of updating and adding tags without altering the site code. This allowed us to deploy analytics and tracking tags efficiently, providing a robust framework for detailed data collection. We complemented GTM with Hockeystack, a tool that provided advanced tracking capabilities, enabling us to monitor user interactions with high precision. We meticulously tagged key website elements, such as special offers, product categories, and the peak hygiene plan, to capture user engagement data. Our approach was methodical, ensuring that each tag was strategically placed to gather actionable insights while maintaining website performance.

The Results

Our efforts bore fruit within a quarter, as we successfully tracked 48 new events, including clicks on specific grooming kit offers and interactions with the peak hygiene plan. Additionally, we identified 7 new traffic sources, which included niche blogs and forums that were previously under the radar. This granular data empowered MANSCAPED©️ to refine their marketing campaigns and tailor their content strategy, leading to a more personalized user experience and improved engagement on their grooming products and hygiene plans.