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Events Waiting Room - Lobby

The private access to your event’s waiting room is the perfect solution for customers who want to be able to keep track of their event and the people they are waiting with. The waiting room gives customers the ability to see who is in the event, add and remove guests, and chat with other attendees. Having this private access allows customers to feel more in control of their event and makes the wait time feel shorter.

Event Post Feed

Event participants need timely information to make the most of their time at your event. The Event Post Feed keeps them informed of what’s happening and when. You can communicate immediately with your participants and keep them informed with your own ‘Event Post Feed’. This immediate communication keeps your participants in the loop and enables them to better enjoy your event.

Sessions Calendar

You want to organize your next conference or event, and you want to make sure that all participants will be able to see the same events on their calendar. Shared calendars are the most effective way to keep participants updated on the latest information about the event. You can create a shared calendar that everyone attending your event can sync with their Google calendar. 

Video Feed Connection

Stream your video feed through our system, or run it through Zoom or GoToWebinar. Participants can choose which sessions they want to register to attend right from within their Event lobby. Event participants gain access to a Virtual Lobby where they can see time counting down before your event begins.

Real-Time Tracking

This allows organizers to see who is attending their event in real-time, and respond quickly to any issues. Additionally, it can be used to gather feedback from event attendees. This information can help you make decisions about how to improve your event and better engage your audience.

Turn your old courses or content into a modern Virtual Event

Run 'Free' Lead Gen Events

Offer a unique and fun opportunity for customers to learn about your product or service.

Help Widget

Offer support to your attendees from right within your Virtual Events.

Light & Dark Mode

Your attendees can choose from light or dark mode.

Advanced Tracking

Add tracking codes for Facebook, Google and more across your entire campaign.

Certificate For Your Virtual Event

Create and send out certificates to participants after the event.

Sell first — Deliver later

Sell access tickets to your Virtual Event before you deliver it. Pre-Sell tickets days, weeks or months in advance.


Survey your attendees from right within your Virtual Event.

Manage Tickets

You can manage participant tickets, issue refunds or edit attendance.


Run polls from within your Virtual Event and publish results instantly.


Schedule sessions within an event calendar. Attendees can sync the calendar with their google calendar.

Bulk Import Attendees

You can bulk-import attendees into your Virtual Event campaigns

Keep Attendees Informed

Provide your participants with updates before the event starts.

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