Actionable feedback policy

At Keenfunnel, we believe that open communication and transparency are the bedrock of trust and success. We are dedicated to not only providing top-tier marketing solutions but also to building a relationship with our audience that is based on responsiveness and openness.

Collecting Feedback

We understand the importance of feedback in the continuous improvement of our services and the overall customer experience. Here’s how we collect feedback:

  • Help Center: Our Help Center is available for customers to submit their inquiries and feedback directly. This platform allows us to address specific concerns and provide personalized support.
  • Digital Community: Through our Digital Community on Facebook, we encourage discussions and collect feedback in a more informal and engaging environment.
  • Customer Surveys: We periodically send out surveys to gather insights on our customers’ experiences and satisfaction with our services.
  • Social Media: Engagement on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok provides us with real-time feedback and a pulse on public opinion.

Responding to Feedback

We take every piece of feedback seriously and ensure that our responses are timely and constructive:

  • Acknowledgment: Every feedback received is acknowledged, letting our customers know that their voice is heard.
  • Resolution: We strive to resolve any issues promptly and efficiently, keeping the customer informed throughout the process.
  • Improvement: Feedback is analyzed and used to make informed decisions about service enhancements and innovation.

Public Engagement

Engaging with the public is key to our growth and relevance in the digital marketing space:

  • Content Sharing: We regularly share valuable content through our Blog Articles and social media channels to engage with our audience and provide them with insights into the latest marketing trends.
  • Webinars and Workshops: We host educational events to connect with our community and offer learning opportunities.
  • Innovation Center: Our Innovation Center is a hub for sharing ideas and fostering collaboration with industry peers and customers.


We prioritize transparency in all our operations:

  • Clear Communication: We communicate openly about our services, what we offer, and how we can help businesses grow.
  • Accessible Information: Our Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, DMCA Policy, and Acceptable Use Policy are easily accessible to inform our users about their rights and our practices.
  • Proprietary Technology: We openly share information about our proprietary tools and technologies, which are designed to empower brands and enhance their marketing strategies.

At Keenfunnel, we are committed to maintaining a dialogue with our customers and the public. We believe that through active listening, engagement, and transparency, we can continue to refine our services and uphold the trust of those we serve.